Apr 06, 2016

Farmak to partner People Help the People project

The All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation Farmak has supported People Help the People project, implemented by NGO Public Information Space.

This initiative is designed to help disabled family members of killed and missing breadwinners – members of anti-terrorist operations in eastern Ukraine.

Filya Zhebrovska, CEO, AUCF Farmak, says, “Virtually since the first days of the military confrontation in the East of Ukraine, our Charitable Foundation has supported defenders of the Motherland who protect the borders of our country. This confrontation took away many lives of soldiers, leaving families without breadwinners. We could not stay apart. In order to support such families, our Foundation has joined People Help the People project. Since March 2016, CF Farmak has transferred monthly amounts of 100 thousand UAH on the account of the project founder: NGO Public Information Space. This organization, in its turn, distributes the funds to card accounts of families left without breadwinners.

Anyone who wants to support our soldiers has to do it. People help the people in difficult and challenging times. The society now needs mercy and courage more than ever”. 

People Help The People is Ukraine’s first international platform of direct targeted assistance to families of those killed in combat operations. These people are the most vulnerable because they have lost their loved ones and cannot earn themselves a living. These are minor children, elderly, disabled and young mothers with children under three years of age.

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