Oct 02, 2018

Farmak’s corporate newspaper upgraded

A new version of Farmak JSC’s corporate newspaper Farmak Life has been published.

Thematic editions and unique own image bank are the distinctive features of Farmak Life.

Team’s system approach made it possible to accumulate relevant analytical material, giving it a redesigned creative cover and an original style.

“Rethinking of Farmak’s corporate edition once again proves that the Company is developing and keeps up with the time. All successful companies all over the world share a common goal of continuous movement forward. Improvement of products and technological processes. Introduction of innovative technologies. They do not rest on laurels, but invent something new every day and invest in their development. This is the path of innovation and the path to the future. This is the path Farmak follows. It is extremely important to us not only WHAT we do, but also HOW we do it, because, as you know, the same things can be done differently. Yet, when it comes to health and life of people, there can be no compromises. That is why people, quality, and innovation are our values and priorities; vectors of our development and areas of our responsibility”, said Filya Zhebrovska, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Farmak JSC.

This edition is dedicated to innovations at the Company:


  • TOP-10 innovations at Farmak
  • A look at structural units through the prism of innovation
  • Current achievements in global pharmaceutical industry
  • Innovative medicines – what are they?


For this and other materials, please see our newspaper.


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