Mar 02, 2017

Best Pupils and a Teacher from Nemyryntsi School Are Awarded by Filya Zhebrovska

The best pupils and a teacher from Nemyryntsi secondary school (Zhytomyr region) gained money rewards and gifts from Filya Zhebrovska, CEO of Farmak. She invited them to Kyiv to congratulate and thank for perseverance in studies and dedication to work.

Awarding of the best pupils and teachers from Nemyryntsi school was initiated in 2016. Since then, there were awarded about 17 schoolchildren and 2 teachers. In 2017, prizes, gifts and sweets were awarded to five pupils: from the 3rd, 8th and 10th grade. Tetiana Dziadevych, a teacher of history, was nominated the best of the teaching staff.

Pupils and teachers were invited to Kyiv to receive their awards. Here they learned about the enterprise and specific aspects of its activities. In Farmak museum the guests learned about the enterprise’s history and its development. After that, they had a festive dinner with the CEO. The end note of the program was a tour around Kyiv.

Children and teachers from Nemyryntsi school had a lot of impressions and an incentive for further improvement of their results.

Filya Zhebrovska, CEO, Farmak: «Children and teachers from city schools have far more opportunities than their peers and colleagues from rural areas. Therefore, their support is extremely important because it gives them additional incentives and faith in themselves. For example, several of last year's graduates of Nemyryntsi school nominated for the award entered prestigious universities of the capital city. This imparts joy and pride, as well as desire for further support of the gifted pupils and teachers».   

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