Nov 26, 2012

The Pectolvan line of cough medicine now features a new Pectolvan Phyto form

Pectolvan Phyto, a universal cough medicine for adults is now available in two volumes: 25 ml and 50 ml.

As it always happens during cold season, several members of the family need cough medicine. To provide a long-lasting protection from cough and cold, Farmak has increased the volume of Pectolvan Phyto vial to 50 ml for those who prefer to treat cough with the medicine of plant origin.

Pectolvan Phyto is a comprehensive plant-based cough drug that has unique composition. It is based on the Iceland moss which has own antimicrobial properties and helps restore mucous membrane. The drug’s other ingredients include ia root extract and soapwort root, and thyme infusions. Pectolvan Phyto helps in comprehensive treatment of acute respiratory diseases, bronchitis, and cough (both dry and wet). The medicine is also a good remedy for hacking cough, scratching and irritated throat.

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