Sep 13, 2016

Farmak Hosts a CSR Committee Meeting of EVА

On September 9, Farmak hosted a meeting of the Committee on Corporate Social Responsibility of the European Business Association (EBA). Guests visited the production site  and learned about features of the pharmaceutical business.

CSR Committee meets every month to discuss relevant issues of social responsibility, share case studies, talk with experts etc. In September, a meeting was held at the Pharmaceutical Company Farmak. It was attended by about 20 representatives of EVA member companies.

Meeting of CSR Committee members began with a visit to the production facility. Guests were informed on details of drugs manufacturing, staff competence requirements and more.

Then Ludmila Saychenko, Head of the Labor and Environment Department, presented the environmental protection system to the meeting participants, described the in-house waste management arrangements and measures taken to protect the environment. Tetyana Kalashnyuk, PR specialist of the Company, shared eco-cases to her colleagues from the CSR Committee.

Dina Nemyrovych, Chief Strategic Officer of Farmak, described the Farmak experience in developing and implementing strategies for the corporate social responsibility.

Vladyslav Strashnyi, Farmak Corporate Affairs Director: Our Company has a long established and solid history of the social responsibility. We understand that our business improves the health and welfare of people having trust in our preparations and us. This is a very important and responsible mission.

It is essential to communicate with like-minded people who understand the social responsibility of business, share experiences, and learn about their achievements and initiatives. In my opinion, such meetings allow a deeper understanding of specific features of business and work towards realization of certain projects on the corporate social responsibility.

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