Dec 12, 2016

Farmak hosts the Second Scientific Conference on the Intellectual Property and Pharmaceutical Industry

In early December, Farmak hosted the Second Scientific Conference on "Intellectual Property and Pharmaceutical Industry." The event was supported by the State Intellectual Property Service and the Ukrainian Institute of Intellectual Property.

Filya Zhebrovska, Farmak Chief Executive Officer, opened the Intellectual Property Conference with a welcoming speech. CEO pointed out that the event had become a tradition for our company, brought together the leading Farmak experts, experienced scientists and young innovators willing to make a significant contribution to the innovative development of pharmaceuticals and protect the intellectual capital of the Company.

Invited experts shared the relevant and topical information on the intellectual property aspects. They discussed issues dealing with obtaining and defending patents, industrial designs,

software, trade secrets, and know-how. Leading experts informed on features of trademark registration for drugs, discussed copyright issues and intellectual property agreements. Farmak employees were interested in review of domestic pharmaceutical enterprises’ performance in 2012-2016, the issue of service inventions and rationalization, in-house intellectual property audit, assessment and licensing of intellectual property rights, and licensing procedures in Ukraine and Europe.

Filya Zhebrovska, Farmak Chief Executive Officer: "Inventions and new developments are the foundation of progress; they are drivers of R&D, production and whole world. Farmak employs many specialists involved in the rationalization and know-how. Issues of intellectual property are of high relevance for us. Therefore, we pay great attention to the educational component of our people. It is well known that our expertise is our strength. We strive to become a strong player in both domestic and international pharmaceutical markets, in the fields of development, production and promotion."

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