Jan 25, 2019

Farmak to be one of the best Ukrainian employers

Farmak JSC ranks the TOP 20 best employers of Ukraine according toHeadHunter Ukraine.

The international recruitment portal HeadHunter published the results of the survey “Rating of Ukrainian Employers 2018” during which the companies where job seekers primarily would like to work were named. Farmak ranked the TOP 20.

Farmak is a national manufacturer of European-quality medicinal products. The Company uses state-of-the-art equipment of well-known world brands. We release products for Ukraine and more than 20 countries. The Company has been an industry leader since 2010. And all these achievements are due to the employees of Farmak. People are the main value for us. Our relations with each employee are based on trust and mutual responsibility. We strive to create the best working conditions and favourable atmosphere for everyone who decides to work in the Ukrainian company with European approaches to HR management. Our employees receive competitive salaries. In 2018, Farmak raised salaries by an average of 15%. They have increased 2.4 times for the last 5 years. Each employee is socially protected and has free health insurance. The adaptation program has been effectively applied to new employees, and the development schools, such as Young Leader’s School and Managers’ Development School, have been created for managers of various levels.

80% of managerial positions have been held by the internal candidates for the last 2 years. Farmak values each employee and strives for providing all opportunities for improvement and career development to everyone whose achievements and constant commitment to excellence show that he or she is ready to develop within the Company.

“We believe that people should have a comfortable life in their country and be employed by domestic enterprises. That is why we are creating the European company in Ukraine“, said Victoria Kondrashykhina, HR Director of Farmak JSC.


The active job seekers, namely young specialists with minimum experience and professionals with significant experience, took part in the survey “Rating of Ukrainian Employers 2018”. The survey was conducted in three stages. The job seekers were initially questioned in order to form a list of companies in which Ukrainians would like to work. They were then surveyed for determining the companies in which they were most interested. Thereafter the market experts were involved in order to make the data more unbiased and obtain an independent assessment of employers’ attractiveness in each industry list.

The job seekers were primarily interested in salaries – 84%, professional development and career development were important for 33% and 29% of respondents respectively, and 28% were interested in the content and scope of tasks. 20% of respondents also paid attention to potential supervisor.

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