Mar 28, 2023

Procurement notice. Strategic Development Plan for 2023-2027

Procurement Notice


Project nameFarmak – Development of 2023-2027 Strategic Plan
Business sectorPharmaceuticals
Project IDN/A
Funding sourceEBRD, Client
Type of contractConsultancy Services
Type of noticeRequest for Proposals
Issue date28/03/2023
Closing date18/04/2023


Development of 2023-2027 Strategic Plan 

Request for Proposals

Farmak (“Company”) is the largest pharmaceutical manufacturer in Ukraine with a pre-war 5.7% market share by value in a highly fragmented market. Historically Farmak accounted for ca. 20% of domestic sales among local pharmaceutical manufacturers. The Company actively develops exports with 2021 exports accounting for ca. 28% of its revenues.

The Company is seeking to employ the services of professional consultants to develop a 2023-2027 Strategic Plan aimed at achieving it is strategic growth objectives. Further details of the required services, evaluation criteria etc. are available upon request.

Company’s corporate procurement procedures are applicable to this selection process.

Interested companies shall contact the Company:

Contact name: Svitlana Pohrebna

Farmak Group


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