Jun 22, 2020

The biography book about Filya Zhebrovska was published

The book Visionary (in Ukrainian: Vizioner («Візіонер»)) about Filya Zhebrovska, the owner of the largest Ukrainian pharmaceutical company Farmak, was published in April by Burda Publishing House.

The biography tells about the life of a person who managed to steer the Soviet enterprise out of the crisis and transform it into a modern European manufacturing facility.

A reader may learn the history of an era in the development of Ukraine within the period from the Second World War to the present through the lens of a story about one individual.

The interviews with Filya Zhebrovska’s family members and friends, as well as the photographs from the family archive and Farmak photo bank were used for the memoirs.

‘‘I was surprised that this book was written. The idea was suggested by my colleagues, and I am grateful for their efforts. Such a memorable gift has become possible only due to the participation of my family and friends, and it will certainly become a part of the history of not only the Zhebrivski family, but Farmak plant and, to some extent, the Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry. The future is impossible without the past. It is a good idea if our descendants know the history of their family, their country and the company they work for. Family and Farmak are inseparable for me. Our fates and fortunes are intertwined, and we have a common history. I hope that the readers will feel what I felt when I made certain decisions in my life, and see the goals that I set myself and Farmak then and now,” emphasized Filya Zhebrovska.

The book run is 2,000 copies. They will be sent to the libraries, partners, colleagues and friends of Filya Zhebrovska. Free sale of the book is not planned.

The authors of the book are Olena Zubarieva, Head of Corporate Communication and Sustainable Development Department of JSC Farmak, and Yulia Slinko, journalist of Burda Publishing House.

“This book is not only about the person who changed the course of history in one particular enterprise. This book is about people and an entire era. It shows the development of the industry in different periods of Ukraine’s independence. The history of Farmak allows tracing the history as a whole and experiencing the brightest moments of life along with the main character of the book. I tried to answer the question how a fragile woman from a province managed to lead a large enterprise and make it one of the industry leaders,” noted Olena Zubarieva.


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