Jul 08, 2020

Farmak donated a lung ventilator and personal protective equipment to Shostka Central District Hospital

As part of its charitable assistance, Farmak donated a USA-made ORICARE V8600 lung ventilator to the infectious diseases ward of Shostka Central District Hospital.

The Zhebrivski Family Charitable Foundation purchased USA-made lung ventilators, other necessary equipment and personal protective equipment for the intensive care wards of Kyiv, Shostka, Sumy region, and Ruzhyn, Zhytomyr region hospitals.

“In times of global crisis and coronavirus epidemic, it is more important than ever to join forces to fight for people’s life and health. In the times of quarantine Ukrainian business more than once demonstrated its commitment to support the state and the population. Together with the All-Ukrainian charitable organization the Zhebrivski Family Charitable Foundation Farmak purchased the necessary equipment and personal protective equipment, which were sent to 40 medical institutions in different parts of Ukraine along with the medicinal products. The investments in socially important objects is Farmak’s philosophy. The Company invests 95% of its profit in the development. By increasing manufacturing capacity, we are trying to minimize the impact on the environment. Farmak has spent a total of UAH 55.5 million for environmental projects over the past 5 years. In general, the company has allocated over UAH 2 million for social projects and improvement of the city’s amenities,” – said Volodymyr Kostiuk, Executive Director of JSC “Farmak”.

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