Dec 11, 2013

Once again, the Blood Donor Day was held at Farmak

The Blood Donor Day was held at Farmak for the second time. Over 50 employees of the pharmaceutical company donated blood for Kyiv Regional Cancer Center to meet the needs of the diseased children. The event was held at the end of November at Farmak's medical station and was supported by a visiting expert team from Kyiv Regional Blood Center.

In addition to blood donation event, the donors also participated in the charity campaign within the framework of the Tablets project and raised funds to buy the medicines for the diseased children.

The Blood Donor Day at Farmak was arranged without jeopardizing the manufacturing processes, because all the processes are adjusted in advance, taking into account the donors' absence at workplace. The Company fully complies with all legislative requirements and provides the donors with an extra day of vacation, in addition to a day off for blood donation.


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