Sep 28, 2016

“Live an Active Life” with Farmak

JSC Farmak in collaboration with Dialog Diagnostics has introduced a patient support program called “Live an Active Life”. The program aims to create favorable and accessible environment for effective compensation of manifestations of diabetes and improve the quality of life of diabetic patients in Ukraine.

Citizens of Ukraine, diagnosed with insulin-dependent diabetes after 01.09.2016, receiving Farmak's cartridge form of insulin, have access to starter packs at a special price – 1 UAH with VAT. The starter pack contains the blood glucose measurement system Accu-Check Active, insulin autoinjector HumaPen Ergo 2, printed guidelines, diary for self-control, 2 certificates for free* glycated hemoglobin HbA1c test (3 and 6 months after enrollment) and plastic membership card for Accu-Check Service program entitling to buy Accu-Check TM products at special prices.

Pavlo Dovgosheya, Head of Medical Marketing: “Farmak’s slogan — “Caring for your health and you!” has been chosen for a reason. It concisely and precisely formulates the basic principles of the Company's activities, aimed at improving people's health and quality of life. Our program “Live an Active Life” is another confirmation of this principle”.

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