Sep 01, 2022

Experts named companies supporting Ukraine at the battle and home fronts


The business portal Delo.UA has published a ranking of companies that have always been with Ukraine and did not leave it during a full-scale invasion. As the publishing office notes, they wrote about “the same “corporate corps” that changed offices to salons of volunteer “buses”, and business suits to MultiCam.” Among such companies is Farmak.

Farmak began to provide active assistance to the army as soon as the threat of a full-scale invasion arose – from December 2021. Since then and to this day, the company has transferred more than UAH 30 million for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Since February 24, Farmak has shipped all the available stocks of necessary medicines and continues to provide them at the hospitals’ requests until now.

From the first days of the war, access to the warehouse with finished products and raw materials was blocked by enemy military equipment. A month later, it was completely destroyed by the enemy. Farmak suffered a loss of UAH 1.5 billion but continued to help the state.

The enterprise turned to its foreign partners with a request for humanitarian assistance and delivered these goods to the warehouses of the Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health on its own. Thus, assistance from partners in the amount of 1.8 million euros was provided.

Also in Farmak, for the fourth time, the campaign “I work one day for the army” was held. The company’s employees managed to collect almost UAH 2 million from their salaries to the Zhebrivski Family Charitable Foundation (the successor of the Farmak Charitable Foundation), which, in turn, significantly increased the collected amount and purchased the necessary equipment for the Ukrainian military. In addition to medicines for the needs of the army, the fund purchases generators, quadrocopters, cars, unmanned aerial vehicles, and military ammunition.

Since 2011, the Zhebrivski Family Charitable Foundation has been directing funds to support the army, healthcare institutions, and projects to develop education and protect the cultural and historical heritage of Ukraine. The total amount of charitable assistance since the founding of the fund is more than UAH 270 million.

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