Apr 28, 2021

Farmak is among TOP 50 most valuable brands in Ukraine

On April 21, 2021, the rating of TOP 50 most valuable brands in Ukraine was published by the Korrespondent magazine. The list of companies representing various industries also includes Farmak as a leader of the pharmaceutical market*.

Top 50 most valuable companies include market players representing food and alcohol industry, fuel and energy complex, construction business, online commerce, pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors of household appliances and portable electronics, retail chains etc.

“Brand value is primarily evaluated by the level of consumer confidence in the company. We gain this confidence due to European-quality products and a responsible approach to doing business. Every year we invest up to 95% of our profits in development, modernization of manufacturing facilities, scientific developments and technologies. We are a bona fide taxpayer and ensure decent working conditions for our employees. Farmak brand value is created due to a combination of these aspects,” said Volodymyr Kostiuk, Chief Executive Officer of JSC Farmak.

When evaluating the brands, the magazine team took into account advertising activity, analysed the presence of brands on TV, online and on external media. The communication component and selective reputation indicators were also considered.


Farmak is a leader of the pharmaceutical market with almost 6% share. The medicinal products manufactured by the Company are presented in fourteen therapeutic groups. The portfolios mainly consist of anti-cold, endocrinological, gastroenterological, cardiological and neurological medicinal products. Farmak launches about 20 new medicines annually; they are multicomponent, modern products needed by millions of people living both in our country and abroad. Currently, about 100 medicinal products are in pipeline.

* based on volume of sales of medicinal products in monetary terms, according to Proxima Research.

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