Nov 20, 2020

Volodymyr Kostiuk is again among top 10 best managers of Ukraine according to TOP 100. Ratings of the Largest

The Executive Director of Farmak became a finalist in TOP 25 Best Managers rating compiled by TOP 100. Ratings of the Largest. Volodymyr Kostiuk was recognized as an effective manager in the Leaders of Change category.

The award ceremony took place as part of the Business Wisdom Summit.

Volodymyr Kostiuk has been the Executive Director of JSC Farmak since 2018. Before, he was employed as the Operations Director of the Company. Before that, he was the Head of the Liquid and Semisolid Medicinal Products Manufacturing Workshop. He has been employed with the Company since 2008.

“I always demand a lot from myself and others. Such demanding attitude is a necessary element lacking which it is impossible to manage such company as Farmak, especially now, in a period of uncertainty. However, despite the crisis, Farmak remains a reliable partner for Ukrainians, employees, partners and the state. This year has been difficult and full of changes. However, we continued to work, manufacturing was not suspended for a minute. We did not retrench any employees, but on the contrary we increased the staff up to 2,800 persons. Today, Farmak is more than just Lomonosov Kyiv Chemical and Pharmaceutical Plant that has been founded 95 years ago. It comprises two plants in Ukraine, own company in Poland and several representative offices in the world, manufacturing processes certified by the EU regulatory authorities, export of products to 28 countries, which is a quarter of our business. We have been players in the markets of the EU member states, Asia and Australia for over 20 years. The Company annually reinvests approximately 95% of its profits in development. Due to such consistent development strategy, we have been a leader of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market for 10 years,” Volodymyr Kostiuk said.


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