My name is Volodymyr. I come from a small village in Poltava Region. Ever since school, I have really liked chemistry and biology. In the eleventh grade, when I needed to choose a university and decide on my higher education, I started exploring promising areas of study to realize that my future lied in biotechnology.

I entered the School of Biotechnology and Environmental Control at the National University of Food Technology. There, besides my studies, I was involved in student self-government and researched how to track genetic changes in crops using a polymerase chain reaction.

In 2017, upon graduation and with a Bachelor’s degree, I started looking for a job as I understood that I needed to develop practically, although I still had a Master’s degree program to complete.

On robota.ua, I found a vacancy announced for a technological engineer at Farmak. I had heard positive references about the Company since my first year at the university, so I did not hesitate to send my CV to them. At the time, my experience was only six months of internship at another pharmaceutical company.

Later, Farmak’s HRs gave me a call, talked to me and invited me for an interview, which resulted in a job offer.

I was the youngest in my team, and I concurrently studied for my Master’s degree. Therefore, I constantly tried to gain practical skills by combining work and studies. My line manager and the team supported me a lot. They helped me in everything and taught me everything, and in general, they became my pillars of support.

I should also mention that I came to join a new stage of the Company’s unique project where I started to work with receipt and purification of biotechnology-derived products. I like the opportunity to find my personal fulfillment in my native country by becoming part of a modern and special project that I have been living for more than two years. ⠀

Besides the interesting work, Farmak also offers interesting pastime. After six months of work, our whole team went for team building to the sunny city of Odesa where we had an interesting and informative time.

I joined the Farmak Running Club, with which I participated in individual and team relay races.

Moreover, last year, I managed to go on a business trip abroad where I was able to test the equipment that was later purchased for Farmak!

I wish everyone to be brave, not to be afraid to take the first steps and work towards their goals!