Sparklin (1)
Sparklin (2)
Sparklin (3)
Sparklin (1)
Sparklin (2)
Sparklin (3)

Medical device


  • for cleaning the nasal cavity from the thick secretion, blood clots, allergens, irritants, foreign particles such as dust, flower pollen;
  • for restoration of perineum of the nasal passages and nasal breathing;
  • in the complex treatment and in order to prevent ARD, ARI, colds, to clean the nasal mucosa from pathogens and viruses and to relieve the patient’s condition;
  • for the treatment of acute and chronic rhinosinusitis;
  • for the relief of local symptoms in acute and chronic rhinosinusitis, with acute upper respiratory tract infections. In people who are often sick with rhinitis and sinusitis, the regular use of nasal spray with seawater “Sparkline” can reduce the use of drugs;
  • for the treatment of allergic rhinitis;
  • for the relief of local symptoms with allergies.

Spray bottle

Intranasal application

For adults and children 2 years old

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