Head of Corporate Communication Department

Nov 13, 2019


Reputation is one of the most important assets of any business. Its correct formation should be one of the priorities of every company. “Reputation for pharmaceutical manufacturers is primarily the trust of consumers, because human health is at stake. Quality is the main factor and the main issue for the majority of stakeholders – our clients, partners, regulatory authorities. For example, Farmak manufactures medicinal products for Ukraine and for export, including to EU countries, using the same manufacturing lines. Farmak manufactures high-quality medicinal products for Ukraine and more than 20 countries. And all these medicinal products are manufactured on the same manufacturing lines with GMP certificates issued by both Ukrainian and European inspection bodies. Honest work, transparent reporting, favourable conditions, decent salary – we build business according to social rules, as the Company’s representatives note.

All Farmak projects affect the quality of people’s lives and correspond to the UN global sustainable development goals. This is the Company’s contribution to the society development. This is the case when reputation is being formed organically, i.e. action follows suit.

The global goal of the Company is to increase the export potential, to increase the share of external supplies to 40%. To achieve this goal, the Company will have to go beyond the enterprise and the country. Foreign partners are increasingly interested in what role a particular business plays in the global sustainable development. And Ukrainian business should know what to answer. Actually, Farmak has something to say.

“Good health of the world population is one of the main sustainable development goals. The activity of Farmak is aimed at its achievement. We make the treatment with modern effective medicinal products possible, introducing European quality standards, innovations, continuous development, due to professionalism and strong reputation as a responsible business and a reliable partner, says Olena Zubarieva. We implement a number of projects aimed at improving the skills of Ukrainian doctors. More than 10 thousand doctors visited our trainings and training events within the project “Level” for eight years.

Recently, Farmak started cooperation with NGO “Ukrainian Medical Mission” and signed the Memorandum of Cooperation to protect the health of the population of Ukraine. The doctors of Luhansk and Donetsk Regions along the demarcation line will be educationally supported within this project.

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