Jun 22, 2022

Farmak provides families with seeds and support the food security of the country

During wartime, the issue of food security became acute for Ukraine and the world. After all, our country plays an important role in the global food supply and provides the domestic market with products.

Today, part of the territory that was previously used for growing crops is occupied by russian invaders. In addition, the occupiers steal agricultural machinery, destroy food warehouses and roads. The work of Ukrainian farmers is under threat. And, even worse, the villagers lost the opportunity to feed their families from their own kitchen garden.

To help families affected by the war, the Ukrainian initiative Seeds for Ukraine was created. The goal is to provide more than 100,000 Ukrainian families across the country with vegetable seeds. Based on the needs of the people, a list of necessary seeds was compiled. These are more than 10 types of crops: green seeds, lettuce, cucumbers, legumes, melons, pumpkins and other vegetables that Ukrainians are accustomed to growing.

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The initiative was created by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Kyiv School of Economics. Farmak supported the project and provided seed kits to 1000 families of the Shostka community in the Sumy region, which suffered greatly at the hands of the occupier.

«During the war, many Ukrainians lost their homes and source of income. Today, your own harvest is not a relic of the past or a grandmother’s whim. It is an opportunity to survive and feed the family. But due to financial difficulties, problems with logistics and delivery, not all Ukrainians can purchase seeds. For Ukrainians, their own kitchen garden is food independence. And we strive to be independent in everything. Therefore, we supported the initiative and replenished the food supplies of a thousand of families of the Shostka Society», – comments Yevgeniya Piddubna, director of Corporate Communications.

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