Aug 18, 2022

Another batch of cars for our defenders from the Zhebrivski Family Charitable Foundation

We understand that there is no “magic pill” in this war, and the Victory requires daily painstaking work, the maximum involvement of all Ukrainians. Therefore, the support of our military must be stable.

Yesterday, the Zhebrivski Family Charitable Foundation handed over 3 cars (Mitsubishi Pajero and 2 Volkswagen VW 7HK) to the 5th Border Detachment and the Shostka Territorial Center for Recruitment and Social Support.


“Yes, these are not the first cars handed over to our defenders. It is important for us not just to answer the request. For us, the result is important. And yes, there is still a lot to be done for the Victory. And we will continue to help,” comments Stanislav Pleskach, director of the Zhebrivski Family Charitable Foundation.

Since December 2021, the Zhebrivski Family Charitable Foundation has provided assistance to the Army for more than UAH 30 million.

Thanks to our defenders! Glory to Ukraine!

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