Oct 18, 2022

Clinic on wheels: how to get a free examination and get the necessary medicines

In October, the volunteers of the DyvoUA Charitable Foundation launched the Mobile Doctors project, within the framework of which they conduct free medical examinations of people in the territories liberated from the aggressor. In addition to high-quality diagnostics and medical advice, Ukrainians can also receive the necessary medicines free of charge, which are provided to the project by the pharmaceutical company Farmak.


How do mobile doctors work?

Doctors arrive in settlements that have suffered at the hands of the occupiers in a special car. A huge truck was converted into a mobile laboratory, an ultrasound room, and a pharmacy.


“We are an association of doctors and nurses who will treat and are now treating people in the de-occupied territories. These are the Kyiv region, Sumy, Chernihiv, Kherson, Luhansk, etc. We want to be the first to come and meet with these people, because it’s not enough to win, it’s important that we survive this war in greater numbers,” says Oleksandr Bukhtiyar, a member of the Mobile Doctors Supervisory Board.


The first village where the doctors went on wheels was the village of Moshchun in the Kyiv region, which is one of the most affected by the Russian military. Here, in the local club, residents were able to take tests, examine internal organs and, after consultation, receive medicines.


“It is important to understand that the number and geography of trips will also depend on the participation of Ukrainian businesses in the life of the affected communities in which they are represented. Mobile Doctors will apply for fundraising to large national companies and international foundations that support medicine in Ukraine in order to provide medical care to as many Ukrainians as possible,” Oleksandr adds.

How can one get tested?

To be examined in a mobile laboratory, a person simply walks up to the specially converted truck and makes an appointment with a doctor. A medical record is compiled for each patient. The doctor conducts the initial consultation and refers the person to take tests. Within a few hours, the test results are ready and the therapist can prescribe certain medications, which are immediately given to the patient free of charge on the spot.


“Depending on the society where we will go and understanding of the needs of the people who have remained in this territory, we form our own number of personnel. We have a permanent staff — the chief physician of the project, who oversees the entire medical part. There is a head nurse who supervises all the nurses to make sure everything is done according to medical standards. There is a chief ultrasound specialist who makes diagnostics of internal organs in this truck. And there is a chief laboratory assistant. This is the person in charge of all the equipment in order to check blood tests, urine tests, etc. on the spot,” comments Oleksandr Bukhtiyar.


What medicines can you get?

Ukrainians receive medicine free of charge after consulting a doctor. Medicines for the project at this stage are provided by the pharmaceutical company Farmak. According to Yevgeniya Piddubna, Director for Corporate Communications, the company was invited to join the Mobile Doctors project, as it can provide a full portfolio in all therapeutic areas.


“We immediately agreed to support this very important and socially significant project. Access to medical services and medicines is one of the basic human needs. The only pharmacy in Moshchun is empty and broken, so we provided the organizers with anti-cold drugs, cold and cough medicines, vitamin complexes, sedatives, as well as prescription drugs used in the treatment of more serious diseases. If necessary, we will add other drugs and continue to support this project,” Yevgeniya comments.

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