Oct 05, 2022

The story of Farmak was included in the UN study as a company that provides charitable assistance and conducts social projects in wartime

Every year in September, a meeting of the UN General Assembly is held, where the first persons of the world discuss the main challenges. This time the meeting was attended by representatives of all 193 member countries. One of the main issues was the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

During the event, they also talked about assistance to Ukraine from the private sector. Representatives of the UN Global Compact Network in Ukraine and Poland presented the United Business for Ukraine study. It was held to understand what kind of help the Ukrainians need and how to provide it effectively during the war.

The study included cases of six companies providing charitable assistance and conducting social projects in wartime. Among them was the history of Farmak, which, since the first days of the war, together with the Zhebrivski Family Charitable Foundation, has been actively helping the army, internally displaced persons and supporting the community, organizing volunteer events with employees.

The event was attended by Andrzej Duda, President of Poland, who spoke on behalf of the Pole people with words of support for Ukrainians. He told how Poland reacts to the war and helps millions of Ukrainians who have become forced migrants.

The UN Global Compact in Ukraine expressed its gratitude to Ukrainian charitable companies: DTEK, TECHIIA, Datagroup-Volia, Farmak, MHP and Starlight Media. According to the Organization, these companies not only managed to help Ukraine at the most difficult stage of the war, but are constantly thinking about the future after the end of hostilities.

The study by United Business for Ukraine can be found here. The story of Farmak is on the 74th page.

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