Mar 18, 2015

Farmak awarded the children engaged in its environmental initiatives

Farmak JSC awarded its employees’ children engaged in the Company’s environmental initiatives. The children participated in the competition to make holiday decorations using recycled materials. A prize for the children was a holiday event organized by Farmak in children's City of Professions in Kyiv.

In recent years, Farmak, on regular basis, organizes for its employees’ children the competitions related to the Company’s activities. That time, the Company decided to engage the children of Farmak’s employees in the environmental initiatives pursued at the Company.

The children were asked to make the holiday decorations using recycled materials. Nearly 100 children aged 2 to 16 years took part in the competition. The things the children made and variety of the materials they used are impressive.

As the award, we have organized a holiday event in the City of Professions, where the children could not only entertain themselves and take a rest, but learn about a great many professions and even try their hand at some of them.

Marko Lavrukh, Head of Public Relations Sector, Farmak JSC, says, “The special events like this allow the family members of Farmak’s employees to be engaged in the Company’s life, gain deeper understanding of its activities and objectives and the like. Moreover, this makes families stronger, because the major competition entries are the joint work of the children and their parents. This creates the spirit of unity and makes everybody working for the Company and their family members feel like a part of the Farmak Great Family”.

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