Apr 26, 2013

Farmak JSC is named a good taxpayer

According to voting of Higher Rating Commission of Good Taxpayers of Ukraine – 2012, a pharmaceutical company, Farmak JSC, was ranked the first in nomination of a Good Taxpayer in medical sphere amongst the large companies. For the year 2012 Farmak JSC has paid the taxes to the amount of UAH 219 612 thou.

Sergiy Bryzhytsky, Head of Farmak’s Management and Taxation Reporting Department says, “According to the results of the year 2012 our Company for the third time becomes the laureate of annual nationwide Rating of Good Taxpayers. For now, we are the only company in Ukraine that thrice becomes the rating winner. For our company it is not just one more awarding but it is public and governmental acknowledgement that Farmak JSC is a transparent and socially responsible company. This win evidences not only that the Company timely and properly pays all taxes and dues established by laws but it evidences of high performance of social standards implemented within the company. Increase in salary, yearly job creation, charitable assistance to those who are in need of, – all these criteria had the value not less than the amount of the paid taxes to determine the rating winner”.

For your reference: annual All-Ukrainian Rating of Good Taxpayers was established by Association of Taxpayers of Ukraine to boost the taxpayer’s role and authority in the life of nation and increase the general culture of paying taxes.

All-Ukrainian Rating was held in two rounds: the first round at regional level, the second round at the national level.

The rating winner was selected amongst 351 companies that won the regional round.

In addition to completeness and timeliness of tax payments, the main criteria for nominees’ selection were: the ratio of the income tax amount paid to the revenues gained, level of average salary (wages) at the company, number of workplaces and holding of socially significant social programs and charity campaigns. No other nationwide contest has similar integral selection criteria that would evidence how responsibly and transparently the companies fulfill their tax and social obligations.

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