Apr 24, 2013

How to stand the allergy

In spring when the trees and plants are in blossom many Ukrainians suffer from hayfever (seasonal allergic rhinoconjuctivitis). Rhinitis, conjunctivitis, dermatitis, tiredness, irritability, tickling in the throat, cough, sometimes, asthmatic fits are the main symptoms of the disease.

During seasonal exacerbation in most of the diseased the cross allergy manifests itself. Supposing, one suffers from hayfever with reaction to birch pollen (from April till May), one will have the cross reaction to apple, carrot, filbert and peach. Having reaction to cereals blossoming one will have the cross reaction to sorrel and cereals. Having reaction to wormwood one will have the cross reaction to citrus, sunflower seeds and honey.

At present almost 20% of Earth inhabitants suffer from the allergic reactions. With every 10 years the number of allergy sufferers doubles.

If one does not cure the allergic manifestations and does not neutralize the allergen effect (allergy-invoking substance), the consequences may be severe starting from bronchial asthma and ending with Quincke’s edema, anaphylactic shock.

Farmak’s products portfolio includes a line of medicines that could help to fight off the allergy.

Edem is an antiallergic medicine of new generation. In a fast and effective way it eliminates the dermatitis symptoms (itching, eruptions) and allergic rhinitis: sneezing, nasal discharges, itching, edema and stuffiness in nose and itching in eyes, lacrimation and reddening of the eyes, itching in palate and cough. Edem does not invoke drowsiness and addiction. Therefore, the medicine may be indicated for drivers and it does not have adverse effect on the heart.  Easy-to-use Edem is advised to be taken once per day (irrespective of the food taking). The saving effect preserves for about 24 hours.

Edem is manufactured in two dosage forms: tablets for adults and children above 12 years and 60 ml and 100 ml syrup for children above 6 month.

Synbiotic Lactiale combines probiotic (bacteria) and prebiotic (nutrient medium for bacteria growth). Probiotics favourably effect on the immunity of mucous membranes, in particular, intestine that plays an important role in formation of the immune system and reduces the probability of allergic disease manifestations.

Lactiale is manufactured according to innovative microcapsulation technology that ensures bacteria protection from aggressive internal factors. As far as 80% of immune cells are formed in intestine it is extremely important to preserve microflora balance. Synbiotic repairs the intestine microflora and its vital functions including immune function. Accordingly, Lactiale facilitates formation of resistance to allergens that is an important point for the people inclined to allergy.

Lactiale is administered once per day therefore it is easy-to-use for adults as well for children. Synbiotic does not require specific storage conditions, which means that it may be kept in home first-aid kit and in a travelling bag.

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