Jul 15, 2014

Farmak declared Friday the Vyshyvanka Day

At the beginning of this July, Farmak JSC initiated a new tradition to wear vyshyvankas (Ukrainian traditional clothing which contains elements of Ukrainian ethnic embroidery) on Fridays. The initiative has found the response and joyful support among many employees.

The first Vyshyvanka Friday at Farmak JSC was held on 11 July 2014. That day many Farmak’s employees wore vyshyvankas instead of casual clothing. In some departments, all employees supported the Vyshyvanka Friday.

Victoria Kondrashykhina, HR Director, says, “There are employees in the Company, who frequently wear vyshyvankas. This is always cheerfully welcomed by their colleagues; and reminds many people of Ukrainian ethnic roots. Therefore, we decided to initiate a tradition for the employees to change their business suits to casual clothing on the last day of the working week.

Wearing vyshyvankas, we create cheerful mood for ourselves and the other people, and become familiar with the traditions of Ukrainian culture”.

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