Jul 10, 2014

Farmak’s experts visited CPhI China Pharma Expo 2014

At the end of June, a 5-strong delegation of Farmak led by Chief Executive Officer Filya Zhebrovska visited CPhI China Pharma Expo 2014. The event was held in Shanghai, China.

CPhI China 2014 is one of the industry’s largest exhibitions in Asia. Manufacturers of APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients), finished medicinal products, biotechnology, phyto-medicinal products, excipients; equipment for pharmaceutical industry, packaging materials, and laboratory equipment present their products at the Expo.  The overwhelming majority of exhibitors are companies based in the Celestial Empire.

We should note that the today’s South-East Asia demonstrates rapid development in pharmaceutical sciences and biotechnology. The leading countries in the region, which create most innovations, are China and South Korea.  This year at CPhI China 2014, they have presented to the global pharmaceutical community their achievements, biosimilar and bio-enhanced substances and products, in particular, monoclonals being at various development stages. Patents for the newest of those substances and medicinal products will expire by 2027. A total of approximately 2,500 companies exhibited at CPhI China 2014. Over 30 thousand experts from various corners of the world visited the Expo.

Oleg Syarkevych, Business Development Director at Farmak, says, “Our focus area at the Expo was semi-finished products to synthesize the patented active substances, being a part of  Farmak’s strategic product portfolio 2020, which we expect to manufacture in future at our new production facility in Shostka.  Moreover, much attention was given to searching the products to be developed in new niches, such as women’s health”.



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