Jul 21, 2014

Farmak improves health of its employees on the Black Sea

This summer, Farmak JSC, a leader of domestic pharmaceutical market, plans to improve health of more than one fourth of its employees and their family members.

Health improvement and recreation of employees and their family members in summer is an important and integral component of the compensation package for Farmak’s employees. Farmak JSC provides employees with the subsidized vouchers to its own Smuglyanka Recreation Facility in urban-type settlement Zatoka, Odesa region, treatment and health improvement sanatoria, and recreation camps (for children of Farmak’s employees).

Pavlo Oleksiychuk, Chairman of the Trade Union Committee, Farmak JSC, says, “This year, over 600 employees and their family members, including nearly 200 children of our employees will be able to improve their health in Smuglyanka Recreation Facility. Over 100 children will be able to take rest and improve their health in children's health improvement camps. It should be noted that all camps, to which we offer the vouchers, won the tenders and hold the relevant licenses. Another important area of social work at the Company is employees’ health improvement in sanatoria of various specializations: cardiovascular system, stomach, musculoskeletal system and others. As of today, we have sufficient amount of vouchers, so all who wish to improve their health or take prophylaxis will be able to do that”.


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