Dec 24, 2014

Farmak adds Vial Tear to its ophthalmological portfolio

Farmak has launched a new ophthalmic product, Vial Tear eye drops (10 ml), at the market.

The drug is used to prevent and eliminate symptoms of irritation or burning in dry and tired eyes caused by various factors, as well as to protect against further irritation.

Yevgen Shlapak, Marketing Consultant, Farmak, says, “Almost 500,000 vials of ophthalmic drugs to hydrate the mucous membrane of the eye are sold every year. These are so-called “artificial tears”, which are to be found in the first-aid kit of every contact lens wearer.

Ophthalmologists recommend using “artificial tears” for treatment of the dry eye syndrome*. Statistically, this syndrome predominantly affects elderly people (60% of all patients) with vitamin deficiency, endocrine disorders, menopause, chronic diseases of the eye, kidneys and blood vessels. Long-term use of certain drugs (antihypertensives, antiarrhythmics) induces dehydration, impairs production of body fluid, which leads to increased viscosity of tears and decrease in their total volume”.

Oksana Yefremova, Marketing Consultant, OTC Drugs Marketing Department, Farmak, says, “Vial Tear may also be used:


*The dry eye syndrome has external symptoms resembling inflammation. This syndrome is accompanied by the following manifestations: redness of the eyes, sandy, gritty sensations, smarting eyes, burning sensation, although they are caused not by infection but impaired wetting of the cornea.

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