Jun 03, 2015

Farmak reports to the State Administration of Ukraine on Medicinal Products (Derzhliksluzhba) on the counterfeit drug

Based on Farmak’s information concerning the counterfeit drug found, the State Administration of Ukraine on Medicinal Products prohibited the sale, storage and use of all batches of the medicinal product Oxandrolone tablets with Farmak labeling. This is stated in the Order No. 7297-1.2/2.0/17-15 dd. 27.05.2015.

All batches of Oxandrolone 10 mg tablets No.100 with Farmak, Ukraine labeling are prohibited for sale, storage and use.

Olga Oleksiichuk, Quality Director, Qualified Person, Farmak, says, “We have received the information that Oxandrolone tablets, manufactured by Farmak, are on sale in the market. This drug is counterfeit, because our Company has never manufactured this medicinal product. Moreover, its packaging has old Farmak’s logo design, and the indicated marketing authorization number Р No. UA8930/01/02 is the marketing authorization for Testosterone propionate 5% solution for injection manufactured by Farmak JSC. It is worth mentioning that Farmak, on regular basis, monitors the market to detect the counterfeits of our products”.

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