Jan 28, 2015

Farmak launches Flutafarm® Femina antiandrogen

Farmak, the leader of the domestic pharmaceutical market, has launched Flutafarm® Femina, a drug to treat functional hyperandrogenism in women. The dosage form of this medicinal product is 0.125 g tablets No. 50.

Flutafarm® Femina is intended to treat women with functional hyperandrogenism associated with menstrual disorder, hirsutism, scleropolycystic ovarian syndrome and resultant infertility.

Alla Onysko, Marketing Consultant, Farmak, says, “Hyperandrogenism is a state of human hormone system with elevated levels of male sex hormones compared to normal level. Hyperandrogenism is the cause of excessive male-pattern hair growth (facial hair) in women, hair loss and acne. In addition, hyperandrogenism causes infertility in 40% of women. Long-term consequences of hyperandrogenism include uterine cancer, breast cancer and cardiovascular complications. According to medical statistics, hyperandrogenism is diagnosed in 30% of women in Ukraine, and while women can still live with facial hair and alopecia, the problem of infertility is painful and requires medical treatment”.

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