Feb 03, 2015

Farmak took part in the Roundtable “Concept of Responsible Self-Treatment and Healthcare Reform”

Specialists of the domestic pharmaceutical company Farmak participated in a roundtable “Concept of Responsible Self-Treatment and Healthcare Reform”, organized by the Television Industry Committee (TIC). It was attended by representatives of pharmaceutical manufacturers, professional associations, market analysts and media. The event was held in late January in the press center of UNIAN news agency.

As a part of the roundtable, priorities and ways of implementing the concept of responsible self-treatment as recommended by the WHO strategy for the development of public health systems and the role of media in this process; issues of drugs advertising prohibition declared in the Coalition Agreement were discussed.

Yuriy Markevych, Head of OTC Marketing Department, Farmak, took the floor at the event. He noted that advertising plays the educational role, which is particularly important for the younger generation, who may not know that headache or menstrual pain can be relieved, if advertising of OTC drugs is restricted.

Yuriy Markevych, Head of OTC Marketing Department, Farmak, says, “A person has a right to information and a right to ask the doctor what he/she thinks about a particular drug. Moreover, we all realize that our healthcare system is not able to cope with a flow of people who would like to take a pill for headache, diarrhea etc. After all, they would have to take a sick leave to get a prescription for an antimigraine drug. Is the State ready to bear this strain?”

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