Jul 28, 2023

Farmak employees donated more than 30 liters of blood and its components

For more than 10 years, Farmak has been donating blood, this is one of the corporate traditions. This time, 70 employees from Kyiv and Shostka donated 28 liters of blood and 3 liters of plasma together. The event was held in cooperation with the DonorUA project.


“Who, if not a pharmaceutical company, knows how important it is to get medicines on time when you need them. Blood can also heal someone, but not a single enterprise produces it, only we ourselves. Many thanks to the Farmak team, which supports socially important initiatives and shares its own blood to help compatriots,” said Yevgeniya Yakobchuk, DonorUA project manager and organizer of corporate donations.

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Volunteering initiatives of Farmak employees are always connected with helping to protect the life and health of others because this is the mission of the company. Employees regularly join and organize charity races and fundraisers, donate blood, and help people who have suffered as a result of hostilities. From the first days of the war, of course, the focus shifted to support the Army and the IDPs. Therefore, the corporate Donor Day has acquired special significance, because every liter of blood goes to save those who find themselves in a critical situation.

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“When you are in the rear, it seems that whatever you do is not enough to win. Work, donate, don’t stop – now we all have taken such an approach. However, one should always look for additional opportunities to help our military and fellow citizens who find themselves in a difficult situation. Therefore, when I found out that Farmak was organizing the Donor Day, there was no doubt : I need to participate. Everything went easily and quickly. And the realization that your blood can save 2-3 lives is incomparable,” says Victoria Popovych, Senior Government Relations Specialist at Farmak.

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