Dec 12, 2022

Free medical care: Farmak brought doctors and medicines to the de-occupied territories

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On December 10, another group of “Mobile Doctors” visited the territory liberated from the russian occupier. This time, the clinic on wheels arrived in the village of Kyiinka, Chernihiv region. Local residents were able to undergo a free examination, pass the necessary tests in a mobile laboratory and receive medicines. The project was organized with the support of the pharmaceutical company Farmak.

Chernihiv region was one of the first to take the blow from the russian offensive. During the fighting around Chernihiv, the village of Kyiinka was one of those that were battered by the enemy, because it was actually on the front line, and suffered greatly from shelling. Many hits were in the courtyard of civilians. Many have lost their homes.


The only hospital in the village has been significantly damaged and is currently under renovation. The local dispensary in Kyiv has already been repaired after the hands of the occupier but has not yet begun its work.

“The locals have not yet recovered from the horror they experienced in the occupation. People talk about how they sat in cold basements during shelling. When a woman at the registry asked the old lady what illnesses she had, she heard an answer that makes one go into a cold sweat: oncology, diabetes, stroke. Unfortunately, there were many such answers. Chronic illnesses, stress, panic attacks, and the death of loved ones … In the spring, during the shelling of the village, doctors treated patients and wounded in the basement of the destroyed school. Now it is very important for these people to feel that they are not forgotten and that they are taken care of. The elderly are especially lacking psychological support,” says Antonina Zakharova, co-founder of the Mobile Doctors project.

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As part of the project, doctors arrive in the settlements affected by the russian army in a special car. A huge truck was converted into a mobile laboratory, an ultrasound room, and a pharmacy.

To undergo an examination, a person simply needs to go to the location of the truck and make an appointment with a doctor. A medical record is drawn up for each patient. The doctor conducts an initial examination and refers the person for testing. Within a few hours, the test results are ready, and the therapist can prescribe the necessary medications, which are given to the patient free of charge on the spot. Therapists, gastroenterologists, and a surgeon worked on the spot this time.

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“Access to medical examinations and medicines is a basic need and right of every human being. Therefore, the task of the Mobile Doctors project consists of two important aspects: to provide access to treatment where it is now needed, and also to draw the attention of the general community to this problem. Thus, it is possible to bring together more people, organizations and businesses to solve it,” says Yevgeniya Piddubna, director of corporate communications at Farmak.

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During the visit, more than 100 residents of the village of Kyyinki were able to undergo diagnostics, get a doctor’s consultation and receive free medicines. People were treated both in a special truck and in a local outpatient clinic equipped by the organizers, where they brought their furniture and medical equipment.

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