Dec 12, 2022

Farmak became the ambassador of Digital Education Week from Ministry of Digital Transformation

The week from December 5 to December 11 was announced by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine as Digital Education Week. The main goal is to teach Ukrainians digital literacy. In three years, the Ministry plans to educate more than 6 million Ukrainians. Farmak, being one of the most digitalized companies in Ukraine, has joined the initiative.

For many years, Farmak has been investing in deep digitalization processes at its enterprise: introducing electronic certificates of quality, electronic study records, electronic batch dossiers, and much more. Farmak’s production is automated as much as possible: operators launch drug prescriptions on touch panels, and workshop foremen control the production process from their computers without being physically present in a specific block. Understanding the effectiveness of new technologies and approaches, the company supports the digitalization of the entire healthcare system.

“We see family medicine changing rapidly. Ukraine is moving towards EU standards, when making an appointment with a doctor is much more convenient online. When you do not need to worry that a paper card with a medical history or a prescription written by a doctor will be lost. At the same time, we cannot switch the industry to new standards overnight. A long process of adaptation and training of both the people and medical workers must go through. Therefore, we support the project Diya. Tsyfrova osvita, which, in addition to general education courses, has a separate block for training doctors,” says Yevgeniya Piddubna, Director of Corporate Communications at Farmak.

At the moment more than 800 thousand citizens have already registered for digital education for free on the portal Diya. Tsyfrova osvita. After completing the training, Ukrainians receive a certificate, which the Ministry recommends adding to a resume when looking for a job.

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