Sep 12, 2012

Lanotan® T: a new drug to treat glaucoma

Farmak has expanded the range of own-manufactured drugs used in the treatment of glaucoma. The company began marketing Lanotan ® T eye drops, a new combination drug to treat glaucoma. The new medication includes two active ingredients – latanoprost and timolol.

As we know, glaucoma is an eye disease contracted as a result of upsetting the balance between the quantity of intraocular fluid produced by an eye and the quantity of intraocular fluid channeled into vascular system, which causes intraocular pressure to rise. Unfortunately, modern medicine cannot treat glaucoma. It may only suppress its further development using special glaucoma management medication. All glaucoma therapy eye drops need to be administered during the entire life or until surgery is made, which is not always advisable and effective. Moreover, the majority of these drops have to be administered to people with glaucoma two or three times per day, which means additional inconvenience for patients.

Olena Alekseieva, Marketing Specialist at Farmaks Department for Marketing of Ophthalmological and Dermatological Drugs: ‘Lanotan® T is a combination drug used in glaucoma therapy, containing two active ingredients with opposite action: latanoprost and timolol. Timolol helps reduce secretion of intraocular fluid and latanoprost improves its outflow. This dual-action mechanism helps manage development of glaucoma process even in patients with glaucoma in developed and chronic phase, postponing or even substituting (in certain cases) glaucoma surgeries’.

In addition to efficacy, an unconditional advantage of Lanotan® T is a convenience of administration: only once a day at evenings, which makes it comfortable for patients and boosts inclination toward a therapy prescribed by doctor, and in the end, improves results of treatment.

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