Sep 13, 2022

People thanks to whom the production of medicines was not halted

During the war, the pharmaceutical industry showed remarkable resilience, providing Ukrainians with medicines despite the constant danger. This was possible thanks to people who are dedicated to their work and country. Employees of the pharmaceutical company Farmak who were awarded Diplomas of the Order of St. Panteleymon, which is awarded for merits in the medical industry, are exactly this type of people.

More than 350 thousand pharmacists work in the pharmaceutical industry of Ukraine, there are about 10 thousand pharmacies and more than 11 thousand pharmacy points and kiosks. Most of them have continued to work from the beginning of the war to this day. Including the fact that Ukrainian pharmaceutical enterprises did not stop the supply of medicines.

The largest pharmaceutical company and the leader of the domestic market for many years has been Farmak, which owns two modern factories in Kyiv and Shostka.

Although both Kyiv and Sumy regions were under enemy shelling, the enterprise very quickly resumed the production of medicines. From the very first days of the war, access to the company with finished products and raw materials was blocked by enemy military equipment. A month later, it was completely destroyed by the enemy, which caused losses of UAH 1.5 billion. But Farmak continued to work.

Understanding the full responsibility, the workers were at the factories around the clock and shipped all the stocks of necessary drugs to the requests of hospitals. And the company’s management literally had to spend the nights at the enterprise.

8 Farmak employees were recognized as people, thanks to whom the production of medicines did not stop during the war. All of them were awarded Certificates of Honor of the Order of St. Panteleimon.

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