Jul 15, 2016

Farmak drugs will appear in the first Ukrainian Directory of Drugs Equivalence Rx Index®

The Directory of Drugs Equivalence Rx Index will be a unique edition for Ukraine. It will appear in late July 2016.

The equivalence directory was created by specialists of the Clinical Diagnostic Center of the National Medical Academy. This reference book contains evidence of a drug efficacy, not in relation to trade names but per active substances (molecules) and drug manufacturers.

This book will be of high relevance for physicians of all specialties, pharmacists, students of medical and pharmaceutical schools in search for drugs and their analogs, writing prescriptions, clarifying information on dosage and so on. If, for example, an active substance or a trade name is known, by using the comparative table one may quickly pick up an analog in the required dose and form from the full list of available medicines. This option would be useful for pharmacies, when some drug is unavailable, a pharmacist will be able to find the optimal replacement quickly.

Project managers applied to all pharmaceutical companies of Ukraine to provide evidence of effectiveness of their drugs. However, only Farmak has provided such data so far.

Paul Dovhosheya, Head of the Medical Marketing Department of Farmak: “This book shows that we are transparent and open to customers and clients. Our company may easily provide such information, because we have much research evidences”

Data collection and systematization took much time. But the project’s potential is worth doing it. According project managers, such Directory will be available at every pharmacy and hospital. Also, patients will actively use it. An electronic edition is also pending.

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