Sep 02, 2022

Safety first: Farmak employees received special civil protection training at the company’s shelter

Trained means prepared. At the beginning of the month, our employees took part in the training “Organization and implementation of civil protection measures at the facility in the event of a military emergency: the threat of an air or missile strike, chemical or radiation hazard.” The training was held with the participation of the personnel of the emergency rescue squad for the special purpose of the Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Kyiv.

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And last week, we listened to a lecture by Alexander Kovalev, Candidate of Military Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Civil Protection Organization of the Institute of Public Administration and Scientific Research on Civil Protection, regarding measures in the event of an accident with a radiation leak at a nuclear power plant.

We would like to believe that we will never have to use this knowledge, but it is our duty to be as aware as possible about the plan of action in case of any crisis situation.

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Class II shelter is equipped on the territory of the enterprise. It will be able to protect employees from bombing and missile strikes, as well as chemical, bacteriological, and radiation hazards.

Farmak turned to professionals to equip the shelter with everything necessary for a long and safe stay. In particular:

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Ukraine is not only its borders, territory, and state symbols. First of all, it is its people. Take care of Ukraine – take care of yourself and your family. Don’t neglect air raid alerts, follow civil protection instructions, and share knowledge with friends.

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Everything will be Ukraine!


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