Jun 17, 2020

The first online Eco-School eco-marathon will take place on June 18-19

The works will be presented and grants for the implementation of winning projects will be awarded during the marathon.

Today, the Eco-School has more than 1,200 registered students from all over Ukraine.

More than 20 cities, towns and villages will participate in the final mini-grant competition. In particular, applications were submitted from such cities, towns and villages as Staryi Mizun, Selydove, Sloviansk, Iziaslavsk, Liubotyn, Berdiansk, Shostka, Bila Tserkva, Lviv, Dyviziia village (Odesa Region), Kushuhum urban-type settlement, Shumsk, Kramatorsk, Liutizh, Myrnohrad, Dubrynychi village, Vatutine and others.



  1. Pavlo Mykolaiovych Pavlyk, Chief Operating Officer of JSC “Farmak”.
  2. Iryna Mykolaiivna Serhiienko, Director of the Children’s Recreational and Environmental Center of Obolonskyi District, Kyiv.
  3. Oleksandra Olehivna Khalaim, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Chairman of the NGO Ukrainian Ecological Club “Green Wave”.
  4. Iryna Mykolaivna Bei, Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
  5. Nadiia Oleksandrivna Artemieva, grant project manager of NGO Greencubator.
  6. Olena Milanivna Kozak, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Senior Instructor, Department of Ecology, National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.
  7. Iryna Oleksandrivna Filonenko, Senior Instructor, Department of Methods of Natural and Mathematical Education and Technologies, Institute of Postgraduate Education, Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University.


The aim of the Eco-School project is to unite and create an ecological asset of the youth community, to promote the ecological way of life among young people and to increase the culture of resource and energy saving.

“Today we are all learning to live in a new reality: online communication, online holidays, online training, online exams and online graduation. This year the eco-projects will be also presented online in the Eco-School. We launched the Eco-School platform online in the fall. This allowed the training not to interrupt for a moment. Every interested student may gain the necessary knowledge in the Eco-School and submit his or her eco-projects to the jury. The best ones will be awarded with grants from Farmak. We have created the Eco-School curriculum to educate new environmental ambassadors. Farmak understands the importance of global climate change on the planet and the critical level of human impact on the environment. The company makes every effort to reduce negative trends in the environment. By increasing manufacturing capacity, Farmak is trying to minimize its impact on the environment. In 2019, electricity consumption decreased by 10%; gas – by 20% per UAH 1 of output compared to the same period in 2018. In addition, we do everything we can to raise the environmental awareness of Ukrainians. In addition to the Eco-School project, we conduct eco-tours, implement the Green Office project and disseminate eco-culture in the country by all available methods. Therefore, we invite everyone to join the Farmak eco-movement,” said Olena Zubarieva, Head of Corporate Communication and Sustainable Development Department of JSC “Farmak”.

In 2020, the National Center “Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine” joined Farmak Eco-School project.

Information about the project

In 2018, the pilot Eco-School project was successfully implemented in Shostka, where the API Manufacturing Department of JSC “Farmak” is located. 9 municipal schools joined the project. Within the project, 8-11 grade students completed 8-month training program on global theoretical environmental issues and learned how to use the gained knowledge in practice. The best projects aimed at solving the environmental problems of a particular school were awarded with mini-grants from JSC “Farmak” for their implementation. The successful launch of the Eco-School project made it possible to expand it to various parts of Ukraine, involving drivers of the environmental education movement, socially responsible business and, most importantly, the country’s non-indifferent, progressive youth. In 2018, the Eco-School project became one of the top 20 social projects in Ukraine.

In 2019, Farmak expanded the Eco-School project and involved 10 schools in Kyiv. A unique manual that embraces the most crucial and important issues the world faces today has been developed for students. The manual “Eco-School” has been approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

On September 1 Eco-School has become a national project and covered the whole of Ukraine, launching the online platform https://ecoschool.com.ua.

Implemented projects:

“Charging Drive”. A bicycle generator that generates energy and charges mobile devices.

Installation of fountains from which you can drink purified water.

Installation of touch water faucets.

“The second life of organic waste.” The system of fermentation of organic waste in the form of a mini-factory is installed on the adjacent territory of the educational institution.

“Biohumus” is a thermocomposter for processing organic waste and obtaining biohumus, which is a fertilizer for plants.

“Drop by drop the river flows.” Water saving due to installation of the economizer-aerator on the mixer. The device allows reducing water consumption by 50%.

“Bright school”. Incandescent lamps have been replaced by energy-saving LED lamps. Due to this, electricity consumption in the school can be reduced by 7 times.

“Optimization and efficient use of heat in the room.”

“Creation of educational and research eco-clubs of the school”.

“School without plastic.”

Awards of the Eco-School project:

  1. Finalist in the category “Planet”, Partnership for Sustainability Award 2019.
  2. The Top 10 projects of sustainable development of Ukraine according to the magazine “TOP-100. Rating of the largest”.
  3. Award of the UN Global Network – Green Business Ukraine.
  4. Top 20 companies with the best socially responsible practices according to the results of the weekly “FOCUS”.
  5. Eco-School is one of the best eco-projects of ECOtransformation.

Details on the Facebook page @EcoschoolFarmak or on the site ecoschool.com.ua

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