Feb 01, 2023

Volunteer initiatives of Farmak employees recognized as one of the best in Ukraine

Farmak won the Corporate Volunteering nomination of the Vidpovidalna Krayina (“Responsible Country”) ranking of social initiatives from the business publication Delo.ua and the MMR resource.

A powerful movement of activists has formed within the pharmaceutical company, who from year to year organize environmental events, charity runs, donate blood, and help animals. Since the beginning of the war, the focus of the company’s volunteers was aimed at supporting the Army and people affected by the hostilities.

Thus, Farmak employees held the action “I work one day for the Army” and collected about 2 million UAH from their salaries for the needs of the military. They also donated more than 30 liters of blood and plasma to those in need. They handed over clothes and food to hundreds of internally displaced persons, collected tin cans for the production of trench candles and used electronic cigarettes with charging cases to produce portable chargers (PowerBank) for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And this is only a part of the initiatives of the company’s employees. The MMR resource describes in more detail the corporate volunteering of the company here.

“Our employees are active both on the pharmaceutical front and on the volunteer front. Despite the fact that the company has a powerful charitable program to support the population and the Army, employees complement it with their own actions. During the year of the war, all these initiatives have grown into significant assistance, both to the military and to people who have lost their homes. Although we are pleased to lead the ranking of social initiatives, we know that now every Ukrainian is doing everything possible for the victory of Ukraine. And we sincerely believe that it will come soon,” says Yevgeniya Piddubna, Director of Corporate Communications at Farmak.

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