Mar 11, 2022

We work together towards victory

Dear compatriots, colleagues, friends!

Farmak did not stop the production. There are certain technical restrictions. Indeed, now, due to heavy fighting, our access to a large composition of finished products and raw materials, which is located in the Kiev region, was completely cut off.

From the first day of a full-scale military invasion by the Russian occupier, we have been providing and will continue to provide comprehensive assistance, and not only with medicines.

From the very beginning, we directly shipped the available medicines for the needs of hospitals, the Ministry of Defense, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and cities. And we continue doing it. Yes, now we do not have all the usual assortment, but we are working to increase it.

Also, Farmak and the Zhebrivski Family Charitable Foundation purchase medicines abroad at their own expensefor to the needs of the healthcare system and territorial defense. The Fund also coordinates aid from foreign partners for the needs of the Army and the population.

At the same time, Farmak is working with its foreign colleagues to provide humanitarian assistance and secure its own logistics to the Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health. Now there are agreements on 9 trucks of medicines, the first one has already been unloaded in Ukraine.

We are doing and will continue to do everything we can to support our military and citizens.

Let’s keep it up! Glory to Ukraine.

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