Oct 08, 2020

Farmak is among top 10 companies according to Websites Transparency Index of Ukrainian Companies-2019

Websites Transparency Index of Ukrainian companies-2019 was presented by the Professional Association of Corporate Governance in cooperation with the Center for Corporate Social Responsibility Development (CSR) with the support of CIPE and with the assistance of the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine.


“The index is, first of all, the evaluation of open information contained on websites. We also evaluated the pages of companies’ executives in social networks. We evaluated elements of corporate governance and social responsibility. For three consecutive years we have been considering the largest companies-taxpayers according to the data of tax and fiscal service,” said the expert of the Center for CSR Development Alla Zinchenko.

TOP 10 companies of the Index leaders provide more than 50% of the information that was included in the assessment categories, while the overall level of transparency of other companies in Ukraine is about 25.5%.

The research has shown that companies most often post information on their websites regarding environmental protection, labour relations, community relations, corporate governance, company management, supervisory board members, information for investors, and anti-corruption programs.

“Today information transparency is a requirement of time, without which the company cannot become successful. The international investors and partners are actively studying the information space about the company. It is extremely important for us. After all, we export our products to 28 countries. We value our reputation and responsibly approach the formation of the information field. After all, Farmak is an open company that runs its business transparently. Every year we publish our financial statements in accordance with international standards. Having become a member of the UN Global Compact, this year we published our first non-financial statements. We have been cooperating with the EBRD for many years. We willingly share information. Our website is visited by 400,000 people per month. Almost every day we publish news or a special project. We are proud of our “Leaders of Thoughts” section of the website, where leading experts raise issues important for business and the industry. I give interviews to the leading publications almost every month about the Company’s current activities and strategic plans. In addition to the Company’s main website, we also maintain the websites of our representative offices, which contain relevant information for these countries. The Company also has active pages in social media Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. For example, 24,000 users have already subscribed to the Farmak page on Facebook alone. We continue to improve and will disclose even more information to the general public,” said Volodymyr Kostiuk, Executive Director of Farmak.



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