Aug 17, 2020

Farmak is among top 3 best employers in Ukraine

TOP 100. The Ratings of the Largest published the Employer Brand Rating and the Rating of TOP 30 Best HR Directors in Ukraine. According to the magazine, Farmak is one of three companies providing the best working conditions, and Viktoria Kondrashykhina, HR Director of Farmak, became the best HR director in the pharmaceutical industry.

The Employer Brand Rating and the Rating of the Best HR Directors were based on: voting of readers on website, assessment by the expert jury and assessment by the editorial board.

The experts and the editorial board assessed the company’s positioning in the labour market, promoting an attractive image of the employer. During the assessment, the editorial board also took into account the company’s reputation, financial solvency, social responsibility programs, and the availability of educational programs for employee development.

Farmak is actively implementing the external and internal HR brand development program. Such projects include cooperation with specialized higher educational institutions, joint projects with the Junior Academy of Sciences, promotion of the employer’s brand in social networks, cooperation with personnel websites, shooting of HR videos, as well as events for the company’s employees and their children. The Personnel Reserve program is successfully implemented at Farmak. It helps employees with high potential to occupy managerial positions in the company. In 2019, more than 84% of managerial positions were filled by internal candidates.

Viktoria Kondrashykhina has been employed by Farmak for 27 years, and has held the position of HR Director since 2007. The extensive transformation of internal HR processes began in 2011 under her leadership. At the first stage, a grading system was implemented according to the Hay Group methodology, and in 2014, KPI personnel evaluation was launched for all employees. The development of corporate and managerial competency models for annual personnel evaluation is the next stage. In 2020, the corporate competency model was changed based on updated values of the company, and the managerial model – in accordance with the strategic goals of the company, areas of corporate culture and global trends.

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