Як «Фармак» допомагає хвостатим та вухатим

Company volunteers visited “Sirius” shelter and donated 100 kg of charity aid to animals.

Farmak cares about patients of Kyiv City Children’s Hospital No. 1!

Farmak employees gathered more than 200 children’s books which were presented to the Traumatology Department of Kyiv City Children’s Hospital No. 1 (30 Bohatyrska Str.).

Charity fair

Farmak volunteers organize supporting campaigns for socially vulnerable groups of the population on a regular basis. Active participation in charity fairs organized on the company territory allows the employees to be involved and socially responsible.

The company organized a children’s handmade exhibition dedicated to the Children’s Day in Kyiv and Shostka where the employees collected 12.5 thousand UAH for the patients of the Kyiv City Children’s Clinical Hospital No. 1.

Humanistic values are the driving force of Farmak`s social responsibility, which is based on the initiative and actions of the company’s employees.