Zhebrivski Family Charitable Foundation purchased medical and diagnostic equipment for Shostka Children’s Hospital


The Shostka Children’s Hospital that has made available inpatient treatment of children diagnosed with COVID-19 since April 2021 has been provided with medical and diagnostic equipment purchased by the Zhebrivski Family Charitable Foundation. The operating COVID-19 treatment unit at the Shostka Hospital will make it possible to provide the qualitative and quick care to children.

The Zhebrivski Family Charitable Foundation is a long-term supporter of medical institutions in Ruzhyn urban-type settlement and Nemyryntsi village (Zhytomyr region)

Фонд Жебровских

In total, the Fund donated over UAH 4 million to fight the COVID-19 pandemic in the Ruzhynskyi district, as well as to reconstruct and equip a first-aid post in Nemyryntsi village

Marathon of Kindness was held at Farmak

Фармак благочинність

The employees of the Company raised UAH 10,000 for children with Down syndrome, sent 250 kg of food and useful things for the inmates of the Surius Shelter, donated almost 5 liters of blood, visited a sorting station and delivered 8 tons of leaves to the compost pit.

The Company’s Marathon of Kindness lasted three weeks and consisted of several activities which were chosen by the employees as they preferred. Despite the pandemic, the level of employee involvement is growing.