Another batch of cars for our defenders from the Zhebrivski Family Charitable Foundation

We understand that there is no “magic pill” for this war, and the Victory requires daily painstaking work, the maximum involvement of all Ukrainians. Therefore, the support of our military must be stable.

Yesterday, the Zhebrivski Family Charitable Foundation handed over 3 cars (Mitsubishi Pajero and 2 Volkswagen VW 7HK) to the 5th Border Detachment and the Shostka Territorial Center for Recruitment and Social Support.


3 cars for the defenders of Shostka from Zhebrivski Family Charitable Foundation


For more than 5 months, Ukraine has been giving a fitting rebuff to the enemy. And the biggest merit in that belongs to our defenders. Those who are away from their families, who have left everyday affairs, who risk their lives daily.

Are they tired of the war? Yes, although they don’t say it. But they continue to do everything for our protection. And today we have no right to get tired, we continue to move towards Victory and help our Army.


Farmak provides families with seeds and support the food security of the country

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During wartime, the issue of food security became acute for Ukraine and the world. After all, our country plays an important role in the global food supply and provides the domestic market with products.

Today, part of the territory that was previously used for growing crops is occupied by russian invaders. In addition, the occupiers steal agricultural machinery, destroy food warehouses and roads. The work of Ukrainian farmers is under threat. And, even worse, the villagers lost the opportunity to feed their families from their own kitchen garden.