The equipment purchased by the Zhebrivski Family Charitable Foundation to overcome COVID-19 continues to arrive at the destination points


Today, Kyiv City Clinical Hospital No. 9 and Kyiv City Children’s Clinical Hospital No. 1, where coronavirus patients are treated, have been equipped with CARDIOVIT AT-1 G2 ECG machine, DEFIGARD 4000 Defibrillator/Monitor, and IM-80 (2.0) patient monitor due to the assistance of the Zhebrivski Family Charitable Foundation. 13 medical specialists will be trained how to work with this equipment.

The Zhebrivski Family Charitable Foundation purchased mechanical ventilation devices for hospitals of Kyiv, Shostka and Ruzhyn and sent the sets of medicines and protective equipment to different regions of Ukraine


Hospitals require primary support as they are not yet equipped with the devices necessary for effective treatment of COVID-19.

The Zhebrivski Family Charitable Foundation paid for and now is expecting the delivery of three ORICARE V8600 lung ventilators (manufactured in the USA), purchased Acclarix LX8 digital ultrasound diagnostic system and other equipment for intensive care wards to be delivered to the hospitals of Kyiv, Shostka in the Sumy Region and Ruzhyn in the Zhytomyr Region. This equipment will be useful in emergency care, life support and intensive care for patients.

The Zhebrivski Family Charitable Foundation handed over 300 packages of essential medicines to Farmak retired employees


The Zhebrivski Family Charitable Foundation (successor to the Farmak Charitable Foundation) provided each retired employee of Farmak with essential medicines

The elderly people having retired from JSC Farmak will receive packages with protective masks and medicines. The packages include antiviral, sedative, anti-allergy medicines, as well as medicines for treatment of headache, infectious diseases and oral cavity inflammatory processes etc. Moreover, the retired employees will be guided in detail on how to properly wash their hands.