Aug 12, 2019

New stage in medical reform – what will change for doctors and hospitals

The Ministry of Health introduced the following stages of medical reform. After the primary link was transferred to the principle “money follows the patient”, hospitals will also switch to this system, and doctors will work under licenses.

According to the reform plan, hospitals that expect to receive state funding will have to become unprofitable enterprises and sign agreements with the National Health Service of Ukraine. Hospitals in this status will be able to independently manage their budgets, draw up a financial plan, form a salary for medical workers and the like.

The hospitals will receive state funding for providing patients with specialized emergency and planned care as part of the medical guarantee program. Compensation for such services will be received by the hospital, provided the patient has an appointment card from a family doctor or specialist. With this direction, Ukrainians have the right to choose any medical institution that has an agreement with the National Service. The transition to this system will last 2-3 years.

In addition, changes are planned that will affect the state system of medicines procurement. Under the program of medical guarantees, patients will receive all medicines in accordance with the national list of medicines necessary for the provision of services. Costs will also be covered by the National Service. In cases where expensive drugs are needed, the cost of which significantly exceeds the cost of the medical services themselves (for example, for the treatment of oncology), centralized procurement programs will operate through international organizations. Such medicines are considered part of the service.

Another important innovation is the professional licensing of doctors. Licensing has advantages, both for doctors who find it easier to find work with a license and protect their labor rights, as well as for patients who can file complaints about the quality of services from a doctors with the licensing body. If necessary, this body will impose additional training, a fine or revoke a license. Licensing will also create better opportunities for managing the healthcare industry in terms of statistical accounting of existing specialists of different profiles.

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