Sep 09, 2019

Prospects for the development of the eHealth system – expert opinions

The eHealth medical information system is an important component of Ukraine’s medical reform, and according to experts, the new leadership of the Ministry of Health should pay considerable attention to its improvement and development.

According to Roman Mishchenko, the developer of such information systems, the discovery of software and the development of a two-component eHealth model, which will consist of the central component of the National Health Service of Ukraine and additional medical information systems , are promising. According to Mishchenko, the unified standard for the exchange, management and integration of electronic medical information (HL7 FHIR), introduced by the Ministry of Health, provides for the idea of ​​creating such a template.

Natalia Guran, the head of the Medicines Control project, believes that before continuing with the transformation of healthcare, it is necessary to conduct an audit of technical developments on eHealth. The eHealth Coordinator for the President, Janika Merilo, agrees with her.

A holistic eHealth system will allow you to receive statistical, economic and medical data necessary for decision-making by the management of the medical industry at all levels, said Yevgeny Prilipko, chairman of the board of the ESO Health of Ukraine association. In his opinion, this information is most important during the reform process, as it lays the foundation for further changes. The introduction of this system is a complex process, and one of the main tasks is to educate users. However, it is worth going to overcome these problems, since such a system can become the basis for transparent and effective medical insurance of the population.

Professor Alexander Kovalenko, head of the department of the International Research and Training Center for Information Technologies and Systems of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, believes that the creation of electronic medicine requires the use of international standards for processing information and data. Such an approach will help build a system with which international partners can work.

Among the important factors in the development of the eHealth system, experts also mentioned taking into account the experience of developing regional components, since in some areas it was possible to implement more effective solutions than in others.

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