Oct 26, 2016

Patients with diabetes highly appreciated Farmak and its drugs

Community-minded attitude of the Pharmaceutical Company "Farmak" and its drugs were appraised by the International voting among people with diabetes – "DiaBrend."

The biologically active additive "Arfa Combi" produced by the Farmak Company was ranked among the top 5 drugs in the category "Vitamins and Mineral Complexes/Dietary Supplements/Functional Products." Farmak won the silver diploma for the community commitment, and was ranked third in the category of "Apparatus for Injection – Injection Pen".

"DiaBrend" award is one of the biggest voting among people with diabetes for companies working in the sphere of diabetology and medical care in general.

Tetyana Avramenko, organizer of the award and the editor-in-chief of The SaharOK Magazine: "Everyone who hears about his/her diagnosis for the first time faces a lot of problems of changing habits, lifestyle and choice of new products adapted to specific needs of a patient with diabetes. An extremely large number of advertisements, articles, reviews, videos cannot answer the question "What is best?" or "What to choose if I have no previous experience?"…

A person with diabetes is guided in his choice of goods or services by referrals and reviews of the same people with diabetes, not marketers’ opinion.

Generally, the DiaBrend award is the "people's choice", based on the main criterion of experience. "

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